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We believe digital will be the “new normal”. COVID-19 will be considered as an inflection point for digitalization. We believe that it will help accelerate the overdue digital transformation in healthcare both in public health and for private health systems. Currently, healthcare providers struggle with unstructured data from fragmented sources. And insufficient analytical capabilities prevent leveraging the full potential of big data.

Digitalizing healthcare and digital platforms are the most important enablers for expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience. But there are cumulative steps on the road to operationalizing insights gained from data. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can turn data into actionable insights, but first it must be intelligently generated, and aggregated.
Furthermore, guaranteeing cybersecurity is crucial to maximizing value while minimizing risk. The digitalization of healthcare will increase value and thus improve medical outcomes at reduced costs.

3D Imaging

Discover unique CT technologies for higher efficiency, exceptional imaging quality and consistent results.

Health Consult

We will help you to meet the challenges of rising healthcare costs and shrinking budgets. We will help you to find new ways to improve your performance and set quality of care standards.

Diagnositics IT

High-end CT applications for a wide range of clinical fields advance your diagnostic possibilities.

PPM Group

Pendulum Partners Medical Group